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Required watts/m² for heating a room with height (h ≈ 2,5 m)
Number of outer sidesWith good insulationMedium insulationWithout insulation
1 side50 watts / m²70 Watts / m²90 Watts / m²
2 sides60 watts / m²80 watts / m²100 watts / m²
3 sides70 Watts / m²90 Watts / m²110 Watts / m²
4 sides80 watts / m²100 watts / m²120 watts / m²

Exterior sides = walls, ceiling or floor (if they are outwards – outside);
With good insulation = insulated exterior sides, heated adjoining rooms, double-glazed glass;
Medium insulation = non-insulated exterior sides, heated adjoining rooms, double-glazed glass;
Without insulation = uninsulated exterior sides, unheated adjoining rooms, old window-windows;
We recommend the larger panels! DO NOT consume more power; There can also be two or more panels in a room.