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ElectricSun it is BEST electric fireplace and electric heater

ElectricSun it is BEST electric fireplace, electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panels, electric panel heaters, electric heating system

ElectricSun it is BEST electric fireplace, electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panels, electric panel heaters, electric heating system

Now you can enjoy the sunshine in your home through ElectricSun® far infrared heating panels – electric heater. The panel does not blow hot air but it radiates far infrared radiation (IR) 8 – 15 μm (micrometres) and heats solids: man, walls, floor, furniture, etc., in the same way that the sun warms the earth by using infrared radiation 3-6 m in a healthy, clean, natural, economic and comfortable shape, ensuring a uniform temperature anywhere and at any height of the room (2°C difference between floor and ceiling h = 2.5 m), with an efficiency of 98% and fuel consumption by up to 50% less than any other heating system.

Infrared rays are longer wavelength rays ranging between 4 and 15 μm – micrometers. They are not seen and do not smell. These are beneficial for your health and are easily absorbed by the human body being recognized in the medical world to streamline physiological activity at the cellular level. In addition, the infrared radiation has a very important role in the regulation of thermodynamic equilibrium of living organisms. The effects felt by the human body are very important in terms of delaying the onset of aging effects, a substantial improvement in mental tone and strengthening the immune system. The effect of infrared heat that penetrates the top layer of skin is an effect similar to that used in physiotherapy clinics, warming the body fluid of the person (human body is composed of 70% water) and generating greater physiological vitality through this.   Man feels the temperature by 3-4°C higher than it actually is in the room, which does not happen with any other traditional heating system.


ElectricSun® infrared radiant panels represent a real revolution in heating and when we say this, we consider the many advantages of these electric heating systems compared to other systems currently available: carbon crystal heating technology, materials of the best quality, very lightweight aluminum frame and a thermo-insulated back side. It requires one investment in 25 years (during ≥100.000H) without regular maintenance or overhaul cost-authorization service and offers a lower monthly bill, all the while you heat and save 60-70% in total.

In addition you benefit from the therapeutic effects of infrared radiation emitted by ElectricSun® panel. Nowadays when caring for human health has become a core of the modern world, ElectricSun® heating systems have earned a high role in the field of heating, customers discovering in our products not only  the most efficient way of heating but also a healthy, clean and natural one, with very long life ≥100.000H, quiet, small and light. These advantages will make most people in the near future opt for this way of heating enclosed spaces.

With these heaters, infrared radiant ElectricSun® heats any area: residential homes, apartments, bathrooms, terraces, saunas, swimming pools, museums, hospitals, offices, warehouses, churches, airports, schools, kindergartens, solariums, greenhouses etc.

ElectricSun® radiant panels are very small consumers ex. between 600W – 1200W, but if they are not sized correctly they might not warm you enough and make you consume more power. Calculating the dimension of the panel  is good to be done not only after m²,  but also directly related to the type of thermal insulation even if you have or do not have thermal insulation. Do not be misled by most vendors who give you little information, only 30% relevant. (room size 15-19 m²). This product  ElectricSun® offers maximum transparency, offering calculation-sizing formula. There is nothing else to do but correctly analyze the situation of the room and follow our recommendations.



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