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Installation instructions electric heater ElectricSun

Installation instructions COMMISSIONING AND MAINTENANCE ElectricSun

Electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panels, electric panel heaters, electric heating system.

  • ElectricSun electric heater works with 230 Volt single phase electrical current (220V – 240V), 50/60 Hz;
  • The panel must be connected to the mains, a separate circuit (dose or socket). STECKER – plug can be cut.
  • A separate phase electric circuit means:

A 10A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 1.5 mm² – MAX 2.000 Watt

A 16A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 2.5 mm² – MAX 3.200 Watt

A 20A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 4.0 mm² – MAX 4.600 Watt

A 25A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 4.0 mm² – MAX 5.200 Watt

A 32A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 6.0 mm² – MAX 7.000 Watt

  • We recommend to be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • It can be mounted on drywall (plasterboard) with dowels type drywall anchor METAL.
  • The panel is secured through holes in the frame with 4 screws in the ceiling or wall and connecting to the network, then put ornamental caps to conceal fixing holes.
  • Attention! if the ceiling is not right the panels do not stick, do not tighten the screws to amaximum on the ceiling-wall, panels have to stand right in spirit level.
  • To gain maximum efficiency it is good for the panels to be mounted on the ceiling, as close as possible to the center of the room (symmetrical) with small side panel directed towards to the window, at a distance of at least 1m from the window.
  • Ideally, the distance from the corners of the ceiling panel and floor corners to be less than 3-4m because the panel radiates in the the same time the four walls and on the floor, if you put on the wall, that wall and some of floor not radiate anything, it will heat the room but the panel will operate more than 10-50%.
  • The panels can be mounted and side walls of the room (inside wall, not glass wall with no window on the opposite wall, the bottom of the panel to be at a distance of 1.5 meters from the floor, like a painting) or if the rooms are more than 3 m tall,it is good for the panels to be mounted on the wall at maximum 2.5 m, sloped at 45 degrees to the ceiling, but in this case the efficiency decreases by 10-50 %.


  • Some heated have built-in thermostat.
  • Wired thermostat is on the power cord as a classic switch.
  • It is recommended one thermostat in a room and if we have several panels.
  • It is recommended one thermostat and if we have 2-3 rooms that communicate with each other doors are opened without ex .: living room-dining room-hall-staircase-kitchen and so on.
  • Thermostat will be installed on the interior wall on the middle(central) at a height of 1.5m from the floor or after the eyes of the owners. Please note! The thermostat is not obstructed and influenced by warm air or cold;
  • Attention! the amperage thermostat in case of panels over 1200W or 3200W or several panels when installed in a room, if necessary use a contactor (pole single phase 25A, 32A, 40A etc. or right);
  • The thermostat regulates the desired temperature in the room,after the panel is dealing with your thermal comfort. (The panel has one power if you set the thermostat higher temperatures will NOT warm faster)
  • Cleaning the panel (DISCONNECTED FROM THE POWER SUPPLY)with a non-abrasive material,as soft as you can (cotton, microfiber), slightly moist and without any cleaning solutions. Do not cover. Don`t touch.
  • Non-stop use will shorten the use life of the heaters, so a break after every 12 hours use if possible.

ElectricSun it is an electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panels, electric panel heaters


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