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Indoor outdoor heater 2800W and 1400W ElectricSun black 180x15cm electric heater with thermostat, with Smart Life App Control


430 £ inclusive VAT

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Wattage options:2800 W

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Advantages Indoor outdoor heater 2800W and 1400W ElectricSun black 180x15cm electric heater with thermostat, with Smart Life App Control:

The panel has a built-in Wi-Fi module that connects to the internet through the home router, after which it is programmed from the smartphone or tablet through the Smart Life application. It also has a built-in thermostat with remote control and timer that can be set manually for a period of time Ex: 1-24 hours. The panel has two power levels.
✅ 20-50% less power consumption than any other heating system!
✅ Far infrared 15 μm;
✅ Temperature of the heating plate up to 430°C;
✅ Simple installation, on the ceiling or wall;
✅ 98% efficiency!
✅ Average time of use over 100.000 hours;
✅ Quality certificates: ErP, ISO, ECM, CE, RoHS, IPX4;
✅ Do not need service and authorization;
✅ Do not consume oxygen, do not produce air currents;
✅ No risk of electric shock or other accidents;
✅ Will create a healthy environment: therapeutic effects due to far infrared rays emitted;
✅ Power consumption formula starting at 50 W/m²;


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 180 × 15 × 6 cm

ElectricSun 2800W

Power / Wattage

2800 W


programmable thermostat with internet application, non-programmable thermostat with remote control, with timer 1-24 hours, temperature setting 5°C-45°C, with 3°C sensitivity



Dimensions (W x H x D)

1800 x 150 x 63 mm

Weight (kg)

10 Kg

Energy efficiency


Heating plate temperature

250 – 430°C

For a room height

greater than 2.4 m (h > 2.4m)

Installation recommendation

Ceiling / (wall), Indoors or outdoors

Rated Voltage (V)

230 V

Power cable

2.5 mmp

Insulated dorsal side


Heating technology

Aluminium plate with nickel wire

Far Infrared Heating

yes, IR 6 – 15 μm – micrometers (3 – 6 m)

Therapeutic effects


Anti dampness


Quality certificates

ISO, CE, IPX4, RoHS Compliant

Customization option


Room type

indoors, outdoors

Average lifespan

≥100.000H (hours)

Warranty (Years)


The manufacturer



Electric heater

ElectricSun is the BEST electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panels, electric panel heaters, electric heating system

Now you can enjoy the sunshine in your home through ElectricSun® far infrared heating panels – electric heater. The panel does not blow hot air but it radiates far infrared radiation (IR) 8 – 15 μm (micrometres) and heats solids: man, walls, floor, furniture, etc., in the same way that the sun warms the earth by using infrared radiation 3-6 m in a healthy, clean, natural, economic and comfortable shape, ensuring a uniform temperature anywhere and at any height of the room (2°C difference between floor and ceiling h = 2.5 m), with a 98% efficiency and 50% less power consumption than any other heating system.

Infrared rays are longer wavelength rays ranging between 4 and 15 μm – micrometres. They are invisible and odourless. These are beneficial for your health and are easily absorbed by the human body being recognized in the medical world for streamlining physiological activity at the cellular level. In addition, the infrared radiation has a very important role in the regulation of thermodynamic balance of living organisms. The effects felt by the human body are very important in terms of delaying the onset of aging effects, a substantial improvement in mental tone and strengthening of the immune system. The effect of infrared heat that penetrates the top layer of skin is an effect similar to that used in physiotherapy clinics, warming the body fluid of the person (human body is composed of 70% water) and generating greater physiological vitality through this. With infrared heating, people perceive a higher temperature than that of the environment by up to 3-4°C, which does not happen with any other traditional heating system.


ElectricSun® infrared panels represent a real revolution in heating and saying this, we consider the many advantages of these electric heating systems compared to other systems currently available: carbon crystal heating technology, materials of the best quality, lightweight aluminium frame and a thermo-insulated back side. It requires one investment in 25 years (operating time ≥100.000 h) without regular maintenance or overhaul costs, without special authorizations or service and offers a lower monthly bill, all the while you heat and save up to 60-70%.

In addition you benefit from the therapeutic effects of infrared radiation emitted by ElectricSun® panel. Due to growing interest and concern for a healthy lifestyle, ElectricSun® heating systems have earned a more important role in the field of heating, customers discovering in our products not only the most efficient way of heating but also a healthy, clean and natural one, long-lasting, quiet, small and light. These advantages lead us to believe that more and more people will prefer this technology when considering their heating options.

ElectricSun® infrared heating panels are suitable for any area: residential homes, apartments, bathrooms, terraces, saunas, swimming pools, museums, hospitals, offices, warehouses, churches, airports, schools, kindergartens, solariums, greenhouses etc..

ElectricSun® radiant panels are very efficient, between 600W – 1200W, but if not sized correctly, they might not provide sufficient heat and might consume more energy. The suitable size of the heating panel for any room is not determined only by its square metres, it is also related to insulation and window size. Do not be misled vendors who don’t provide sufficient information, the size of the room is only 30% relevant. ElectricSun® offers maximum transparency and a special formula for panel size calculation. There is nothing left to do but correctly analyse the situation of each room and follow our recommendations.

Required watts/m² for a room with h ≈ 2,5 m height
Number of exterior sides With good insulation Medium insulation Without insulation
1 side 50 watts / m² 70 Watts / m² 90 Watts / m²
2 sides 60 watts / m² 80 watts / m² 100 watts / m²
3 sides 70 Watts / m² 90 Watts / m² 110 Watts / m²
4 sides 80 watts / m² 100 watts / m² 120 watts / m²

Exterior sides = walls, ceiling or floor (if they are outwards – outside); 
With good insulation = insulated exterior sides, heated adjoining rooms, double-glazed windows;
Medium insulation = non-insulated exterior sides, heated adjoining rooms, double-glazed windows;
Without insulation = un-insulated exterior sides, unheated adjoining rooms, old window-windows;
We recommend the larger panels! They DO NOT consume more power; there can be two or more panels in a room.

Electric heater, outdoor heater, electric patio heater, panel heater, infrared heating panel, electric panel heater, electric heating system.

  • ElectricSun electric heating panels work with 230 Volt single phase electrical current (220V – 240V), 50/60 Hz;
  • The panel must be connected to the mains, a separate circuit (dose). some have plugs that can be cut.
  • A separate phase electric circuit means:

A 10A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 1.5 mm² – MAX 2.000 Watt
A 16A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 2.5 mm² – MAX 3.200 Watt
A 20A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 4.0 mm² – MAX 4.600 Watt
A 25A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 4.0 mm² – MAX 5.200 Watt
A 32A fuse, wired-thick copper conductor 6.0 mm² – MAX 7.000 Watt

  • We recommend installation by a qualified electrician. 
  • It can be mounted on drywall (plasterboard) with dowel type METAL drywall anchors.
  • The panel is secured to the ceiling or wall by 4 screws, through the holes in the frame, then connected to the energy network. After installation, ornamental caps are fixed on screw holes.
  • Attention! If the ceiling is not straight the panels do not stick, do not tighten the screws to a maximum, panels have to stand straight in spirit level.
  • To gain maximum efficiency panels should be mounted on the ceiling, as close as possible to the centre of the room (symmetrical) with the small side to the window, at a distance of at least 1m from the window.
  • Ideally, the distance between the corners of the panel and floor corners must be less than 3-4m in order to equally heat all four walls and the floor. If the panel is mounted on a wall, it will only heat the other 3 walls and a part of the floor and it will increase your power consumption by up to 10-50%.
  • If you must mount your panel on a wall, please make sure that it is not a wall with windows or on the wall opposed to the window. The panel must be mounted with its lower side at least 1.5 m from floor level. If your room is higher than 4m, we recommend mounting the panel on the wall, with its lower side at maximum 3m from floor level, at a 45 degree angle from the ceiling. Please take note that in this case efficiency will drop by 10 – 50%.10-50 %.

BEFORE CONNECTING TO 230V REMOVE PROTECTION FOIL (in case of panels with foil protection)

  • Some heaters have built-in thermostat.
  • Wired thermostat must be connected to the power supply.
  • We recommend a single thermostat per room, even for several panels.
  • We recommend a single thermostat for several open-space rooms, for ex.: living room-dining room-hall-staircase-kitchen and so on.
  • The thermostat must be installed on the interior wall, at 1.5m from the floor or at eye level. Please note! The thermostat is not obstructed and influenced by warm air or cold;
  • Attention! When using panels over 1200W-3200W or several panels in a room, please use a bipolar monophasic contactor (25A, 32A, 40A etc.);
  • The thermostat must be set to your desired temperature for the panel to start working (The panel doesn’t have multiple settings, setting a higher temperature does not mean it will warm up faster)
  • Clean the panel (DISCONNECTED FROM THE POWER SUPPLY) with a moist, soft, non-abrasive material (cotton, microfiber), and without any detergents. Do not cover. Don`t touch during operation.
  • Non-stop use will shorten the life of the heaters, so a break every 12 hours is recommended.

ElectricSun electric heater power consumption

In winter, a device generally operates between 2 and 12 hours, on average 6 to 8 hours a day, if our recommendations are taken into account and if the actual situation of the room is reported.

If the radiant panel is smaller than our recommendations or the actual situation of the room is not correctly reported, the panel may not cover heat loss and will run for longer, not reaching the desired temperature, also, the panel life will be shorter, and the monthly power consumption will be higher. The larger the radiant panel is, the longer the panel life, and the lower the monthly power consumption. Larger panels heat up faster and the thermostat turns them off when reaching the desired temperature. The efficiency of the panel is higher also due to the higher power and the larger size.

Electricity consumption is relative and depends on the following factors: – the power of the panel (a larger panel does not mean higher power consumption levels); – the supply voltage 220 – 240 Volts, not lower; – the outside temperature (depends on the geographical area); – the quality of the thermo-isolation (heat loss); – the number of exterior sides (outside walls, un-insulated floor and ceiling); – heated or unheated adjoining rooms, – the number, size, quality and type of carpentry of windows; – the opening of windows and doors; – the setting of the thermostat, etc. The disadvantages of the room (heat losses) are disadvantages no matter what type of heating system you use.  

For example: a 19 m² room with a height of 2.5 meters (=45m³), a thermally insulated exterior wall with 10 cm polystyrene, with 2m² double glazed windows, four heated adjoining rooms and thermo-insulated floor, the temperature set for 22°C in thermostat, with an ElectricSun 960W panel (= 50 Watts/m²) will consume 5.8 kw/day, that is 174 kw/month.

ElectricSun electric heater power consumption


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Indoor outdoor heater 2800W and 1400W ElectricSun black 180x15cm electric heater with thermostat, with Smart Life App Control

430 £ inclusive VAT

In stock

FREE Delivery 5 - 7 days

Wattage options:2800 W

600 W720 W960 W1200 W1800 W2800 W
Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 430 £
5 - 9 4.56 % 410 £
10 - 19 9.58 % 389 £
20+ 19.63 % 346 £