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ElectricSun electric heater power consumption

ElectricSun electric heater power consumption

On average, in winter, a device actually operates between 2 and 12 hours, on average 6 to 8 hours a day, if our recommendations are taken into account and if the actual situation of the room is reported.

If the radiant panel is smaller than our recommendations or the actual situation of the room is not correctly reported, the panel may not cover heat loss and will run for longer, even does not reach the temperature you want, and the panel life will be shorter, and the monthly power consumption will be higher.

The longer the radiant panel is, the longer the panel life, and the longer the monthly current consumption is NOT, the panel heats up faster and the thermostat will turn it off. The efficiency of the panel is higher also due to the higher power and the larger size.

Electricity consumption is relative and depends on the following factors influencing consumption:

– the power of the panel (if the panel is sized correctly, not to be smaller, if it is larger does not consume you more);

– the supply voltage 220 – 240 Volts, not to be lower;

– the outside temperature (depends on the geographical area);

– the degree of thermo-isolation of the room (heat loss – heat);

– the number of exterior walls;

– adjoining rooms if heated or unheated,

– the number of windows and the surface of the windows;

– the type of carpentry and glass and their quality;

– the opening of windows and doors;

– the setting of the thermostat, etc.

The disadvantages of the room, meaning heat losses are disadvantages no matter what type of heating system you use.

Example an 19 m² room with 2.5 meters high (=45m³), a thermally insulated exterior wall with 10 cm polystyrene, with 2 m² double glazing, four heated adjoining rooms and the thermo-insulated floor, the temperature set in thermostat 22°Celsius, has an ElectricSun 960W panel (= 50 Watts/m²).

It means 5.8 kw/day, that is 174 kw/month.

ElectricSun electric heater power consumption


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